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[PRESS RELEASE] Engineered Garments x Alden Special Order Algonquin V-Tip Blucher, Black Shell Cordovan - RELEASING MARCH 29TH

On the heels of this month’s release comes a new style of the Engineered Garments x Alden Special Order Algonquin V-Tip Blucher: Black Cordovan.  Featuring the Military 379x last and Commando sole, the main attraction of this model is once again the use of Horween Cordovan leather, this time in black. With a mirror-like luster and deep, rich black color, this pair stands out among dress shoes. As highlighted in the previous model’s press release, Cordovan Leather has quite a few special properties. To celebrate the release of this new color, Nepenthes NY takes a closer look into just what makes Cordovan Shell leather so desirable. 

Horween Cordovan leather is famous for its shine and rich color, but it is also highly durable. In the 19th century, it was often used as strops for sharpening razors. In the early 20th century, Horween developed tanning methods to make the shells softer, but not weaker, allowing them to be used for footwear. One benefit from this toughness is that Cordovan leather tends to ripple, rather than crease, meaning that the leather is less likely to crack and tear. At the same time, it gradually molds itself around the wearer’s foot, creating a personalized fit.  

Cordovan leather is also sturdy throughout weather conditions. As the leather is manufactured from equine shells, the material that sits under the skin of a horse, it has fewer pores than calfskin leather. This gives Cordovan leather its characteristic mirror-like finish, and also provides natural water resistance.  While not completely waterproof, it stands up against the rain much better than traditional cowskin leather. 

These Engineered Garments x Alden Special Order Algonquin V-Tip Blucher with Commando Sole, Black Cordovan are available for purchase in-store and online starting March 29th.