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Birkenstock Boston Pro

Birkenstock Boston Pro at Nepenthes New York

The Birkenstock Boston Pro is now in-stock at Nepenthes New York, available in-store and online at

Boston Pro

The Birkenstock Boston Pro reimagines the classic Boston clog, originally introduced in 1976, to offer the signature comfort of the Birkenstock footbed during colder months. The Boston Pro is lightweight and flexible, featuring a fluid-resistant, PU-coated leather upper and a durable, slip-resistant TPU outsole with pronounced tread for enhanced safety. The contoured cork-latex footbed supports extended wear, making it ideal for long hours of wear. Its minimalist, closed-toe design ensures versatility for both indoor and outdoor use, suitable for work and leisure alike.

About Birkenstock

Founded in 1774 by a German cobbler in Langen-Bergheim, Birkenstock gained prominence nearly 100 years later with the creation of the contoured insole, launching the product in 1902. Over the decades, the company remained committed to developing orthopedic insoles, coining the term "footbed" and eventually transitioning to footwear in 1963. This shift led to the creation of the world's first flexible footbed sandal, the "Madrid." Initially marketed as orthopedic due to poor sales, Birkenstock found unexpected success among eco-friendly, progressive youth who adopted the sandals as a countercultural statement.

American tourist Margot Fraser's discovery of Birkenstocks in Germany in 1966 led to their introduction in the United States, where they became popular in Bay Area health-food stores among the granola-eating American hippies. Despite high-profile collaborations, Birkenstock remains focused on quality and comfort, sourcing cork from Portugal and leather from Italy, and manufacturing each pair in Germany. CEO Oliver Reichart emphasizes that Birkenstock does not chase trends but instead creates products that withstand the test of time.

This philosophy aligns with the Nepenthes ethos, prioritizing a unique vision over short-term trends. Visit Nepenthes New York to experience the enduring comfort and style of Birkenstock footwear.