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Welcome to the inaugural chapter of NEPENTHES PEOPLE. In this series we reach out to the customers who embody the essence of our store - in other words, our “NEPENTHES PEOPLE”.  Across age, profession, and background these special New Yorkers each tell a piece of the Nepenthes story.  
We ask the subject to pick a meaningful location, and talk to them about their view on the brand, their work, and what New York means to them. 
For the first entry, we spoke to Edmund Donovan (IG: @edmunddonovan), an actor based in New York. 


Welcome, and thanks for being our first feature of the new series. Can you tell us your name and a bit about your background. Where are you from? When did you come to New York? What does New York mean to you?

My name is Edmund Donovan. As for the rest, it's a complicated answer. I moved around the East Coast growing up, and my family moved to Brooklyn as I entered college. I began living here when I finished college in 2012, but I had been spending summers and holidays here before then. Now, it’s where my family is. To me, New York represents my absolute home, even if I’m not “from” here.  


What do you do for a living? How did you get into your profession?

I’m an Actor. My first role was in my second grade school play - but that may not count since we all had to participate. I became more serious about acting during high school. Around the time people were applying to college and thinking about what they wanted to do next, I just didn’t feel excited about anything. The theater director at my school suggested that I apply to a conservatory style program for acting and it totally blew my mind. Like “wow you can do that?” I just didn’t really know that was an option until then. I thought I would have to study science or something — It was too good to be true.


We asked you to pick a place in New York that is special to you. Where did you choose for your local place? Why did you choose this location?


I chose this coffee spot near my apartment. It’s a place I come to everyday. I typically spend the first hour or two of my day sitting on one of the benches outside. They’re really great benches. I’ll do some emailing, or a phone call, maybe read a script. It’s really nice here and the sun always hits this bench around the time I get here. It’s been getting busier lately though, and these days my favorite bench is often taken.  


What are you wearing? How did you choose to purchase these pieces? ?

I’m wearing a jacket by Needles, EG pants, an EG T-shirt and my own sneakers. The jacket was something I had seen on the web store and then kind of forgot about. I went into the store to look for something else one day and saw it. There was only one left and it fit me perfectly — I love this jacket. The pants I was more hesitant about when trying them on. I have what feels like 30 pairs of black pants, but these have replaced most of them and I wear them all the time.  

Please tell us how you became involved with Nepenthes New York. 

I became involved with Nepenthes through my brother, James, who works there. I would visit him in the store just to say what’s up and then I fell in love with the clothing. I’ve gotten to know a lot of the people who work there since then and made some friends through the store. I love Nepenthes.

Which of the Nepenthes brands catches your eye most often? 

I think Needles catches my eye most frequently. Needles is like… how I want to dress, but don’t dress yet. I think Engineered Garments is what I feel most comfortable in, but Needles is what I really want to challenge myself to wear.  

What was the item you purchased from the store? 

The last thing I purchased from the store was a pair of Malibu sandals. This summer I’ve been wearing them all the time, and they’re light enough to pack and take on trips. The mule style makes them super easy to just slip on and off.  

What do you have going on in your professional life lately? Is there anything you can share with us? ?

I’m on a bit of a hiatus between jobs at the moment. I finished shooting a role on the reboot of Gossip Girl about a month ago. In the fall I’ll begin rehearsals for Lynn Nottage’s new play Clyde’s on Broadway. It's a project I’m really excited about. The theatre is just seven blocks away from the store though, so it’s probably not good for my wallet, but I’ll get to visit everyone more often.  



Stay tuned for the next installment of NEPENTHES PEOPLE, coming soon.