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Woburn Walk - Fisherman Shetland Cardigan

Introducing the Fisherman Shetland Cardigan, produced by Nepenthes London's Woburn Walk, available solely at Nepenthes stores.

These pieces draw from the Shetland Islands' heritage of robust wool and Scotland's knitting tradition. Shetland wool comes from the harsh climate of northern Scotland's Shetland Isles. Cultivated over centuries, Shetland wool boasts a distinct crimp, imparting elasticity and loft unique to the region. This crimp suits yarns and woven goods, while the loft adds volume to lightweight knitwear, providing exceptional insulation. The wool's soft handle Shetland wool's historical significance spans Viking sails, Shetland Tweed, Sir Edmund Hillary's 1953 Everest expedition, and traditional fishermen's jumpers.

Made in Scotland, the Woburn Walk Fisherman Cardigan sports an authentic V-neck shape and unique seven button placement. Produced in four colors, these items are available in-store and online at