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Nepenthes Special - Engineered Garments LS Crew Neck Tee

Each season, Engineered Garments produces a handful of items just for Nepenthes.
Among the Fall Winter 2023 items is the L/S Crew Neck Tee - a new item.

Engineered Garments has produced its Cross Crew Neck Tee for more than 10 years, becoming one of the brand’s staples. Like its short sleeve counterpart, the L/S Crew Neck Tee represents Daiki’s idea of the classic American T-shirt, combined with unexpected nuances.

This item is made in Los Angeles, where the jersey is milled, cut, and sewn at the same factory, constructed according to Daiki’s specific patterns. Just like classic made in USA T-shirts, the fabric is raw, with a slightly rough hand. Double needle stitching features on the hem and side, with single needle stitching on the cuff. Daiki used blind stitching around the neck, which doesn't have extra binding, making for a more relaxed neckline.

Engineered Garments elevates the garment with unusual details, including distinctive overlapping collar, a split hem with a tail, and a breast pocket adorned with a EG label.

The Engineered Garments L/S Crew Neck Tee is suitable for almost any occasion. Produced in Black, Navy, Heather Grey, White, and Olive this is only sold at Nepenthes stores.

Available in-store and online at