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Nepenthes New York is excited to present the NNY Special Makeup Rambler, available exclusively in-store and online at 

The products for sale at Nepenthes New York are painstakingly selected, with each brand playing its part in the Nepenthes story. NNY chose White’s Boots for its rich heritage, craftsmanship, and unique perspective. 

White’s Boots is one of America’s few remaining domestic-made boot makers. Based in Spokane, they found success making products for the loggers, miners, and millers of the Pacific Northwest - industries responsible for delivering such iconic U.S. brands as Filson and Pendleton. The company’s tireless devotion to developing quality products has allowed them to thrive well into the 21st century, outlasting nearly all of their competitors. 

Since White’s Boots trademarked their signature Arch-Ease orthopedic construction in 1926, not much has changed. Work boots still comprise most of the company’s business, and every pair features White’s hand-sewn stitchdown construction - lasted, welted, and bottomed in their Spokane, WA factory. Like any hand-made product, their true quality is derived from the skills of the artisans who create it, passed down from generation to generation. 


The NNY Special Makeup Ramblers help to preserve this commitment to tradition. Custom built for Nepenthes New York, subtle changes have been made to the sole, eyelets, and stitching - keeping the original look while still making a boot that is truly special. Fully rebuildable, these are boots for life, sturdy enough to wear every day.