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Vault by Vans x Nicole McLaughlin - Slip-On VP VR3 LX - Releasing 03.31.23

The Vault by Vans x Nicole McLaughlin Slip-On VP VR3 LX are now available at Nepenthes New York, in-store and online at

Nicole McLaughlin transforms single-use products into multifunctional ones through upcycling. With the concept of the Vault by Vans Slip-On VP VR3 LX, she has unlocked the potential of the classic Slip-On silhouette, giving it a renewed purpose with utilitarian pockets for gardening materials and work tools across the toe vamp.

The Vault by Vans Slip-On VP VR3 LX is available in White/Green, inspired by the classic gardening tote. Each pair is built with organic cotton canvas uppers, 50% recycled polyester bindings, and Vans’ biobased foam VR3Cush™ footbed, made using at least 25% biobased EVA foam partially derived from plants.

To further reduce the impact on the planet, the new VR3Waffle™ outsole contains 60% responsibly sourced natural rubber obtained from sources that follow proven sustainable practices while maintaining Van's signature grip and durability. The silhouette is finished with custom Nicole McLaughlin labels and a custom ankle collar strap for a functional carrying and storage.

Nicole McLaughlin said, “The Vault by Vans NM Gardening Tote is a vision I’ve had for a while. I’ve always loved the Slip-Ons and the traditional canvas upper. The idea of canvas made me think about vintage gardening bags and it inspired me to make my own version, a functional gardening tote Slip-On.”

The Vault by Vans Slip-On VP VR3 LX is a testament to Nicole McLaughlin's innovative approach to upcycling and Vans' commitment to sustainability.