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[SPECIAL RELEASE] South2 West8 - String V Neck Shirt and String C.S. Pant (Nepenthes Exclusive)

South2 West8 

Implementing the brand’s logo in an all-over pattern jacquard.

These Nepenthes exclusive items express the Deer Skull motif in a unique textile design.


A new series has arrived from South2 West8, incorporating the Deer Skull / Target Mark motif  into a full pattern print using jacquard textile, a polyester material with moderate tension.

The String V Neck Shirt, which features a deep neck, appears simple at first glance, but reveals a detailed design with thoughtful details such as hand warmer pockets and drawstring specifications at the hem.

Releasing simultaneously is the String C.S. Pant, is a new model based on South2 West8’s standard C.S. Pant, adding a coil zip pocket and drawstring specifications. We recommend wearing the String C.S. Pant and String V Neck Shirt as a setup.

Both of these special products combine classic fashion with a sense of relaxation. 

Available for purchase in-store and online at