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Special Release for Nepenthes Stores Spring Summer 2024 - Drop 1

Needles for Nepenthes

2024 Spring/Summer First Edition Release - Saturday, April 20th Introducing a limited collection featuring a stylish bi-color, tie-dye pattern.

The inaugural special order product from Needles’ Spring Summer 2024 collection will be available on Saturday, April 20th at Nepenthes New York, in-store and online at

This release includes the fashionable bi-color "Samue Jacket" and "String Work Pant," both crafted from 8-ounce tie-dyed denim.

Additionally, there are special track series models showcasing the same tie-dye pattern printed on poly-smooth material. The tie-dye pattern, available in two colors (Indigo/Black), features striking purple side lines and papillon embroidery.