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[SPECIAL RELEASE] Engineered Garments x Alden: Special Makeup Loafer - Releasing 10.04.21

Engineered Garments and Alden are back at it again - this time for an all-new special makeup shoe: the EG x Alden Loafer. 

This collaborative item is based on Alden’s legendary Leisure Handsewn (LHS) model, considered by many to be the apex of traditional American style, and beloved by shoe connoisseurs across the world. 

Just like the United States, Alden’s story began in Northeastern America, and over time, has incorporated elements of many different cultures - creating something unique to itself. As competing New England manufacturers went out of business or outsourced their production, Alden remained true to their handsewn methods and in-house development. While Alden is not the originator of the loafer style, their interpretation - which sports the distinctive moccasin stitching and interior leather lining - is rich with history and has grown into a truly American product.  

In this special-makeup version, the story continues as the timeless loafer is reimagined : remaining true to its history, but filled with new modifications - finding a new balance and proportion within the Engineered Garments perspective. 

The majority of the shoe’s construction is executed in traditional Alden style, with gorgeous detailing across the uppers - particularly the delicate stitching across the saddle and backstay. 

Note also the all-weather ready 360° Goodyear welt, adequate for rainy days as we head into the harsher weather. Important adjustments are to be found with the lightweight rubber lug sole which gives the shoe a charming ruggedness and helps keep your grip amid the elements, as well as the exquisite choice in materials.

This model is available in 3 colors: supple Dress Calfskin in Black and Tan Varnish, and Beige Suede. Look closely for discerning details on each pair - for example the Tan Varnish version’s natural color welt and Beige Suede natural color welt stitches.

These special makeup EG x Alden Loafers are sold exclusively at Nepenthes New York.
Available for purchase in-store and online. 

*Please note that international shipping is not available for this release.