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Piper Sandals

Piper Sandals arrive at Nepenthes New York and are available for purchase both in-store and online at


The collection features two signature styles: the Original and the SlipOn. The Original is a classic leather strap sandal that securely wraps around the heel, instep, and big toe, with a fully adjustable continuous leather strap for a custom fit. The SlipOn touts a similar construction but omits the heel strap for easy wear. Each pair of sandals is hand-numbered, marking its unique place in the company's production history of over 60,000 pairs.


Piper Sandals uses leather from the renowned Horween Leather Co. in Chicago, a tannery with a legacy dating back to 1905. The sandals also feature a durable Vibram rubber sole and a compacting foam innersole that conforms to the wearer's footprint within ten days.

Founder Dave Piper dedicated his life to traditional craftsmanship, a legacy that continues today. The sandals are handcrafted in the Piper family garage using vintage machinery, including two "American" brand Straight Needle Machines from the 1930s. Every component, from the leather straps to the rubber soles, is carefully cut and assembled by hand.

Piper Sandals is committed to quality craftsmanship and customer service. The company offers comprehensive repair services, including resoling, stitching, edge and polish, and free strap replacement—even if a dog chews it up.

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About Piper Sandals:
Piper Sandals originated from humble beginnings when Dave Piper, then an elementary P.E. teacher earning $326 a month, founded a small business called Leather Loft. After initial trials and errors in sandal-making, he perfected his design and eventually dedicated his craft solely to sandals. The business, now a third-generation family-run operation, is led by Dave's son Jon, who continues to produce high-quality handmade sandals from the Piper family garage at 7402 Pipers Bluff, San Antonio, Texas. The legacy of traditional craftsmanship and dedication to quality lives on in every pair of Piper Sandals.

The Original and SlipOn styles are available in classic Black and Brown colors and can be purchased in-store or online at