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“Peaboy” POP-UP Shop at Nepenthes NY

The Peaboy brand was born out of a love for green peas. In January 2019, Art Director Marty Routledge decided to form a group devoted to mutual appreciation of green peas, creating an Instagram account to post his favorite pea-related dishes. This fondness for green peas culminated in the design of a crew neck sweater, sporting a hand-drawn logo shoddily sewn on by an embroidery shop of a rural mall. 

Marty found a fellow pea connoisseur in Mitsuru Lowe, the store manager of trendy downtown surf boutique, Saturday’s NYC. Inspired by the concept behind Marty's crew neck sweatshirt, Mitsuru asked to design a t-shirt of his own, creating "Mametaro", the smiling green pea character found across Peaboy’s products. 

Mitsuru had been experimenting with creating tie dye t-shirts, transforming the backyard of Saturday’ s NYC into his own tie dye studio. Combining the shared affection for green peas with his tie dying project, the Peaboy brand fully took shape.

The Peaboy pop-up shop at Nepenthes NY features an array of tie dye sweatshirts, t-shirts and hoodies, along with stickers, pins and patches. Products are available for purchase in-store only.