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Nepenthes New York is proud to announce the arrival of four all-new bandanas: three from Engineered Garments, and one designed in-house by NNY. 

Bandanas have a storied history, from their roots in South Asia to Western Europe and then the Americas. Japan too has adopted the bandana - Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki never leaves home without a bandana in his back pocket. 

An iconic item, bandanas have been worn by gentlemen, cowboys, and soldiers. At its root, it is a multipurpose tool. A solution for unexpected messes, decoration, or even headgear - the bandana evades a singular definition. 

This time, Nepenthes New York will introduce four new designs.

Stained Glass

New York City is core to the identity of Engineered Garments. Ever-present without becoming exaggerated, the energy of the city informs the designs and gently guides the ethos of the company throughout the seasons. Similarly, this design shows simply an abstraction of New York - as if viewed through stained glass. Look closely and the viewer can spot a building, a bridge, or perhaps waves running over a turbulent river. 

Military Graffiti

The inspiration for this design lies amongst the discarded magazine cartridges and equipment from the myriad wars of the 20th century. Soldiers, adrift in the battlefield, often picked up the habit of leaving their own mark on rifles, bases, or vehicles. This bandana features all original designs - hearkening back to the glimpses of human expression which were found despite the circumstances. 


Bandana aficionados will surely be familiar with legendary bandana brands such as Elephant Brand (Davis & Cattarall), Tuside, or Penney’s. These heritage companies were responsible not only for defining the traditional bandana manufacturing process in the United States, but also helped create some of the genre’s most enduring designs. This quadrant bandana is an homage to these legacy designs - providing a distinctly Engineered Garments twist to the design itself, but also splitting into uneven quadrants: Combining four bandanas into one.

Nepenthes Map

The Nepenthes Map is a Nepenthes New York original, conceived and designed by the shop’s staff. The concept centered around the intent to keep the bandana simple, to create an idea without unnecessary embellishment.  Given the store’s location in the heart of New York City’s Garment District, it was only natural that the neighborhood took the leading role. A peculiar map, this guide to Manhattan’s Garment District is composed from the perspective of “NEPENTHES NEW YORK”.