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[NOW IN STOCK] Tory Leather Co. - Belts


Hailing from Williamsport, PA, Tory Leather Co. was established in 1976 as a manufacturer of horse tack. Originally specializing in reigns, headstalls, and chambons, they have since garnered a reputation for producing high-quality leather belts. 




Tory Leather Co. embodies the ideal of “American Made”. All of their products are bench-made by American craftsmen, using vegetable-tanned leather sourced from Curswensville, PA’s Wickett and Pick, one of America’s two remaining vegetable tanneries.   

Their belt collection features a mix of unconventional and traditional designs, from the equestrian-inspired “Hoof Pick Belt” and nautical-themed “Pelican Hook Belt” to the simpler “Strap Belt” and “Clincher Belt”.  

Tory Leather Products are available for purchase online and in-store.