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The idea behind Mafia Bags comes from siblings Marco and Paz Mafia. Devoted surfers, they began searching for an efficient way to transport their wetsuits to and from the beach in their hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Formerly a professional kitesurfer, Marco recalled the durability and strength of power kites, and how they were discarded into landfills after use. They began developing the idea of using discarded sails to create a sturdy bag that facilitated sustainable practices within the fashion industry.

After opening their first store in Buenos Aires in 2012, Mafia Bags successfully expanded to San Francisco in 2014, placing their headquarters in the city’s SoMa neighborhood.

Today, while their business has expanded to include a Tokyo retail store, the process behind the bags remains the same. 

First, used sails are sourced from around the world. Mafia Bags accepts sails from any material or vessel. As a matter of fact, the company offers a free custom-made bag to any customer who donates a sale to be repurposed. The sails are then hand-cut, washed and sewn in their San Francisco manufacturing facility. 

This time, Nepenthes NY has teamed up with Mafia Bags to create a special series of bags. Available in a series of two-tone colorways, each individually unique, these special edition items feature the signature Nepenthes NY touch while retaining the products firm focus on sustainability. 

These items will be available in-store only.