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Nepenthes NY has just received a restock of Middle English shoes from Aurora Shoe Co. 

The company is named after the sleepy village of Aurora, New York, nestled in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York - a place filled with lake views, vineyards, and sprawling farmland. Founded in 1991, the company began with the mission to sustainably manufacture shoes in the United States. 

The model that Nepenthes New York is stocking is named “Middle English”. The shoes are crafted from material produced by Chicago’s Horween Leather, considered by aficionados to be the finest leather in America. Made by local artisans, these large leather pieces are fastened with an adjustable strap, and outfitted with a solid brass buckle. 

Designed in a flat “monk” style, the hand-crafted Middle English are made with comfort in mind, gradually shaping to the unique shape of the wearer’s feet. At the same time, the replaceable Vibram sole allows for years and years of hard use. 


Every pair of Middle English will wear in differently over time, telling each wearer’s story through the rippled leather on the uppers of the shoe. 


Aurora Shoe Co. embodies the best aspects of “Made in America”: quality materials, skilled craftsmanship, and the transformation of imperfection into charm - making their products a perfect fit for Nepenthes’ love for unique, heritage items.


The Aurora Shoe Co. Middle English are available for purchase in-store and online at