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[Nepenthes On Tour] EP.02 Teddy in Toronto

Nepenthes on Tour

EP.02 Teddy  in Toronto

Nepenthes New York is all about New York City - but that doesn’t mean we never leave. Just like everyone else, our staff enjoy taking a trip from time to time. In our series, “Nepenthes on Tour”, we ask them to share some of their vacation snapshots with us.

Teddy brings back his report from Toronto’s bustling streets.

Flying up for the weekend, Teddy traveled on the TTC streetcars during his time in the city, catching a Blue Jays game at Roger Center (don’t ask how it ended). Of course, he met up with his friends from Better Gift Shop, paying a visit to their Chinatown store and going out for a drink. 

Teddy was so impressed with the city’s cleanliness that he missed the plane and had to rebook his flight home - and he can’t wait to go back.