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Nepenthes New York x SHO - Collaboration T-Shirt

Nepenthes New York presents a special collaboration tee T-shirt with artist SHO, whose exhibition STOKED is now on display at the store.

SHO is an artist who incorporates various forms of expression, characterized by their innovative and whimsical nature.

The CHILL OUT series, expressed through geometric patterns, depicts an ideal world where individuals, families, and nations balance each other to form a society and a world. Even if one element loses balance, the surrounding elements compensate, creating harmony. The artist portrays this ideal world using analog pen techniques.

The Ebb and Fall series, based on Japanese manga magazine “JUMP” and Japanese school bags, delves into the societal theme of 'deterioration'. SHO questions how, even if the material itself does not deteriorate, human growth and the updating of information can cause its value to plummet and become unnecessary. By reconstructing this value, SHO challenges the concept of 'deterioration' in society, inviting the audience to reflect on the ever-changing dynamics of our world.

Come by and check at the exhibition.

Nepenthes New York
307 W 38th Street
New York, NY 10018