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Nepenthes New York x Better™ Gift Shop - Roots Leather Varsity Jacket

As Better™ Gift Shop enters its final week at Nepenthes New York, there is one last release - the NNY x Better™ Gift Shop - Roots Leather Varsity Jacket - releasing Saturday, September 2nd. This unique item combines elements of Canada and America, symbolizing the bond created between the New York and Toronto-based stores.

The Varsity Jacket is made by Roots, the legendary Canadian leather apparel company, and features leather sleeves, a melton body, and double welted pockets. Each item is made in Toronto, using the company’s traditional methods. The jacket is covered in custom patches and unique embroidery, featuring motifs from the Garment District, and complimented by a polyester lining in the signature Better™ blue.

Nepenthes New York and Better™ Gift Shop Varsity Jackets has a limited run of 10.

Available in-store and online at starting on 09.02.23.