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Needles and Baracuta team up to create three unique pieces for the Spring Summer season.

Both Baracuta and Needles value authenticity and draw inspiration from the worlds of cinema and music, with a special connection to Steve McQueen, whose butterfly tattoo in the 1973 film Papillon inspired the Needles logo and who was known to sport a Baracuta G9.

The collaboration between these two brands aims to combine the British world of Baracuta, represented by its G9 and signature Fraser Tartan, with the modern Japanese world of Needles, expressed through bold colors, patterns, and jacquard weaving.

The collection includes the Jacquard G9, Jacquard W.U. Pant, and Jacquard Hunting Cap. The Needles x Baracuta Jacquard G9 Jacket is the highlight of the collaboration, featuring a unique pattern while retaining the classic G9 characteristics such as the Fraser Tartan, umbrella back yoke, and dog ear collar, with mesh Fraser Tartan lining inside. The signature butterfly Needles logo appears on the chest.

The Needles x Baracuta Jacquard W.U. Pant features stitched iron-looking pleats down each leg, adding a touch of class, embroidered with the butterfly Needles logo. The inner pockets feature a lining of Baracuta's Fraser Tartan in mesh.

Finally, the Needles x Baracuta Jacquard Hunting Cap adds a healthy dose of character, personality, and color to any outfit, with a unique pattern embellishing the whole hat and the signature butterfly Needles logo on the side. The inside features a Fraster Tartan patterned mesh.

This collection is a testament to the strength of Needles, as it reinterprets Baracuta's heritage without sacrificing originality.

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