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[IN STOCK] South2 West8 - "3 LAYER S2W8 CAMO"

South2 West8 


A waterproof material that epitomizes the brand's world view. This fabric’s three-layer fabric structure sublimates functionality, fashionably.


South2 West8 presents the "3 LAYER S2W8 CAMO" series. This material is a standard component of the brand’s permanent collection and combines waterproof functionality, breathability, and strength in its three-layer structure. 

The daring incorporation of ripstop retains a cotton-like texture on the surface, while still maintaining the dependable rainwear functionality that is indispensable for fishing and outdoor enthusiasts, 

Although this material is waterproof, the texture of the camouflage print changes the more you wear it, imbuing it with a character unique to South2 West8. This product is the symbol of a brand that sublimates functionality, fashionably.

A total of 6 types of models are developed, making this lineup compatible with a wide range of operation, from urban wear to use in the great outdoors. 

Products in this special fabric are available in-store and online at