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This is the oldest of the Engineered Garments vests, part of the collection since 2004. The Over Vest takes inspiration from the jerkin, a piece of military dress which has existed in Europe for over 400 hundred years, and more specifically, takes its cues from the British military garments which were issued during the First and Second World War. These single-breasted waistcoat-style vests were typically made from leather, with wool lining on the inside, introduced as an alternative to the greatcoats, popular among continental European forces during the 19th century. 


The jerkin, used during the Second World War is a modification of the English hunting vest. The leather outer layer (sometimes made from patchwork leather) and wool lining kept soldiers warm through rainy and cold conditions, while the shape was roomy enough to wear over fatigues without preventing free motion. This garment was especially popular among artillerymen, who were required to maintain long stretches in brutal weather.

In his version, Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki keeps the overall layout of the WWII, preserving the core silhouette as well as the big buttons and distinctive stitching around the buttonholes. Also new for the EG version are the four voluminous patch pockets, applied across the front and back of the garment. 

There are a wide variety of fabrics to choose from, each style coming with a contrasting liner, including fake fur and shearling. Fully reversible, feel free to wear it inside out for a different look.