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Nepenthes Purple Label - Purple Haze 

The healing scent of incense has existed in Japan for hundreds of years. Even in the pages of the "Nihon Shoki", an ancient chronicle of Japanese history dating from 720 A.D., records of incense can be found, highlighting how deeply this unique scent has taken root deeply in Japan, throughout the shifting eras. 


Awaji Island, located in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture, produces more incense than anywhere else in Japan. Awaji Island is also home to incense manufacturer Kunjudo, which has been manufacturing incense for more than 100 years. This time Nepenthes teamed up with Kaorujudo to create the all-new incense: "Purple Haze".

After repeated trial and error, "Purple Haze" was born. This scent, unique to NEPENTHES, contains a blend of sandalwood, sweet pine, cinnamon bark, cinnamon, and other fragrant wood and herbs. The result is a scent that is unlike typical incense.

This special blend is a piece of authentic Japanese life and is easy to incorporate into your everyday life - changing your mood and eliminating unwanted odors in your living space.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience this authentic Japanese incense.

*Due to the fragile nature of this product, Nepenthes Purple Haze is available for purchase in-store and phone-order only.