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[IN STOCK] Needles - S/S Classic Shirt & French Sleeve Blouse

Needles - S/S Classic Shirt & French Sleeve Blouse
"Total pattern open collar shirt, full of individuality" 
A classic shirt with a delicate sheer feel that enhances the mood of the season. French sleeves and blouses are also available.


Classic open collar shirts with a loose box-shaped silhouette have arrived from Needles.

These shirts’ camp collar provide a feeling of openness and are finished with a cut-off hem to add a rough nuance. The flap pockets on both chests and the cat-eye buttons are simple designs, but the details shine through. In addition, as a ladies' only item, Needles also developed items with French sleeve blouses with a beautiful line tracing from the shoulders to the arms.

Including the familiar Papillon pattern, a lineup of 5 types of unique patterns are introduced in various items this season. The elegant luster and moderately transparent polyester chiffon material make it a perfect item for the layered style of spring and summer with a seasonal mood.