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On a bitingly cold day, there can seem no way to keep out the wind without a thick, woolen scarf. The Engineered Garments Knit Scarf is the stylish solution to your winter woes. 

The foundation of the Knit Scarf comes from the “six footers”, or academic scarves, which were created by and remain popular with universities across the United Kingdom and America. Typically made in the color of their alma mater, this type of scarf is a hallmark of Ivy League style, defined by its distinctive length and pattern. 

Designer Daiki Suzuki provides some important updates to this traditional formula. The Engineered Garments Knit Scarf forgoes the university color schemes for solid shades in a decidedly autumn palette - featuring brown, black, olive, charcoal, and navy fabrics. The ends of the scarf are also finished in a discerning diagonal shape, adding just a touch of panache.

Take a closer look, and you will see that each scarf is fabricated in a criss-cross of knit designs, from big checks to fine lines. Hardly noticeable from a distance, this lovely detail can only be detected from close up. This fabric is custom made by an Italian wool mill, and encapsulates the Engineered Garments design ethic - it may not be necessary, but we do it anyway. 

100% wool, this fabric has a sweater-like material, and is pleasantly stretchy for maximum comfort. Daiki’s personal recommendation is to wear the Knit Scarf tightly bundled in a cozy style - but feel free to create your own take with this indispensable piece of winter wear. 


Available for purchase in-store and online.