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There's plenty of room to stay ahead of the gift-giving rush. Nepenthes New York's fresh assortment of gift options will ignite inspiration.


1. South2 West8 - Socks - Black / Purple - Cotton Jq. / Skull & Target Jq.

Cotton socks with an all-over Skull & Target Jacquard that add a little flair to any winter outfit.

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2. Engineered Garments - Shoulder Pouch

A popular small shoulder bag crafted from distinctive fabrics in the season's collection. Its simple design and impactful material usage make it a standout accent in styling. Part of the shoulder strap is sewn in a pleated style, allowing for adjustable length according to preference when undone.

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3. Engineered Garments x Tarvas - Forest Bather - Brown

The shoe's uppers feature a clever mix of materials: faux fur on the vamp, suede around the heel, and a gripping synthetic material everywhere else. The matching tone laces feature flecks of reflective material, and the non-slip sole touts notched treads. This considered mix of materials is not just for looks; the shoe's construction allows for all-terrain use in challenging conditions.

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4. Engineered Garments - Beanie - Green Poly Wool Melange Knit

Besides its rich texture and warmth, this beanie may be worn as a longer style or folded back and worn as a fisherman-style cap.

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5. Nepenthes New York - Ticket Sticker

Small, colorful stickers featuring an original design from Nepenthes New York.

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6. Needles - Beret - Herringbone - W/PE/R/N Tweed

A beret made from fabric with a rich and textured appearance, adorned with meticulous details like leather piping. This item exudes a classic and timeless mood, making it highly appealing.

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7. South2 West8 - Wash Towel - Grey / Purple - Cotton Pile Jq. / Skull & Target

A wash towel featuring an all over South2 West8 Skull & Target pattern. It works just as well at home in the bathroom or as an accessory outside the house.

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8. Rhodolirion Velvet Socks - Taupe

A soft and supple pair of velvet socks. Suitable for almost any outfit.

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Made with an elegant nylon twill fabric treated with a PVC finish on the backside, this bag functions as a shoulder bag or carried as a small tote. Four valuable pockets are located across the inside and outside.

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10. Tory Leather Co. 1" Clincher Belt - Black/Silver

Made in USA by Tory Leather Co.

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