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[FABRIC INSIGHT] Multi Color Acetate Lurex Jacquard

Welcome to FABRIC INSIGHT. With this series, we hope to give our customers a peek into the background of the fabrics that make up your favorite Engineered Garments pieces. Each season, the brand’s items are constructed from a range of fabrics, sourced from all around the world, imbuing each collection with a new dimension and an irreplaceable quality. 

Once Daiki has the theme for his collection centered, he begins to consider which fabrics to use - a choice equally important as the shape of the garments themselves. Aside from the perennial fabric choices like Dark Navy Highcount Twill and Olive Cotton Ripstop, the rest of the picks tend to be materials that capture the essence of the collection, typically with one or two especially eye-catching standouts included. There are no limits on what material can be used, Engineered Garments has deployed upholstery fabric, strain-resistant food industry fabric, and even historical Osnaburg. However, each collection must introduce an element that keeps the items feeling fresh while staying true to the core identity of the brand - a delicate balance. 

The theme for the Engineered Garments Spring Summer 2022 is “Rewilding the World”, taking inspiration from scenes of African vistas, classic American brands, as well as music from Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki’s youth. For the color palette, he decided to focus on khakis, blues, and greens - colors evocative of the mental landscape he formulated while imagining the collection. 


The world of men’s fashion is tamped down and buttoned up; innovation is slow to come. As Daiki puts it, “If you want to do something special you must know the rules, and then break them”.  Following this spirit, his mind turned to the late 80s, and innovations brought in by classic American shirtmakers. These companies designed blouses, embellished with intricate gathers and manufactured from sateen, crepe, and chiffon, and a handful of these brands experimented with the same materials for men’s shirts and created something truly different.  

Wanting to create something special of his own, Daiki kept his eye out for this kind of unexpected fabric before stumbling across the Multi Color Acetate Lurex Jacquard. Manufactured in Italy, it is created from a blend of materials: 57% polyester, 21% cotton, and 31% acetate. Trademark Lurex yarn provides its remarkable metallic appearance, making its vibrant golds and greens, and muted reds shine brilliantly. Thanks to the jacquard weaving process, a patchwork of images - flower petals, animal print, palm fronds, and houndstooth motif - is apparent throughout, making this bright fabric well-suited for the Engineered Garments Spring Summer 2022.  

When choosing which items to manufacture in a certain fabric, Daiki simply asks himself what items are suited to it, letting his innate judgement guide his hand. This season, not only clothing, but accessories too are produced in Multi Color Poly Acetate Lurex Jacquard. 

Each piece captures the true essence of the collection, telling a deeper story without sacrificing the overarching Engineered Garments philosophy. 

The Engineered Garments Multi Color Poly Acetate Lurex Jacquard is used in the production of the following items for Spring Summer 2022:

  • Carlyle Pant
  • Loiter Jacket
  •  Upland Vest
  • Neck Tie
  • Shoulder Pouch

These items are available for purchase in-store and online at