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Engineered Garments x Nanga

Oct 31, 2023


New York, NY (October 31st, 2023) - Engineered Garments and Nanga unveil their second collaboration, introducing a new collection of down items. Following the success of last year's partnership, where Engineered Garments' designer, Daiki Suzuki, reimagined classic silhouettes with down filling, the two brands come together again for a series of daring designs, seamlessly blending Engineered Garments' unique creative vision with Nanga's cutting-edge materials. This collection will release on Saturday, November 4th, 2023.

This collection breaks new ground, embracing the Japanese concept of "kufū" (工夫). While "kufū" lacks a direct English equivalent, it essentially translates to a thoughtful approach to finding originality. The Engineered Garments x Nanga capsule collection, featuring the Zip Jacket, Wrap Vest, Button Shawl, and Down Pants, centers on this concept, challenging wearers to explore fresh, original modes of self-expression through their attire.

The Zip Jacket features Aurora Light, Nanga's most advanced material, known for its lightweight, waterproof, and breathable attributes. The jacket contains UDD down feathers from European White Ducks (DX), treated with an advanced water-repellent treatment for 770 fill power. The water-repellent resin allows the passage of moisture vapor while remaining impervious to water absorption. The Zip Jacket is equipped with four sets of waterproof zippers, granting access to two front pockets, as well as neck, armpit, and rear ventilation systems, for a myriad of styling possibilities. Available in Mocha, Navy, and Black.


The Airborne Down Pant takes inspiration from the Engineered Garments Airborne Pant, a military-inspired silhouette designed for the Fall Winter 2023 season, modified here to accommodate down filling. In addition to the UDD down filling, the pant's outer layer consists of a polyester aramid ripstop, providing warmth and flame resistance, well-suited to chilly evenings around the campfire. Available in Black, Khaki, and Beige.

The collection's highlights - the Snap Shawl and Wrap Vest - are unconventional items that encapsulate the core vision of Nepenthes. The Button Shawl, a modified version of an Engineered Garments model, is generously filled with UDD down and features two symmetrical zippers on the front. Its capelike style can effortlessly complement almost any outfit, infusing a sense of stylish originality. Available in Mocha, Khaki, and Yellow.

The Wrap Vest also draws inspiration from an existing Engineered Garments design. With UDD down insulation, this unique vest design fits snugly beneath a jacket or elegantly over a sweater. Available in Mocha, Khaki, and Yellow.

Manufactured in Japan, Nanga's unwavering commitment to craftsmanship ensures that these items deliver maximum functionality, while Daiki's distinct vision infuses the collection with ingenuity. These products encourage wearers to delve into their creative potential. The Engineered Garments x Nanga collaboration will be available in-store and online at starting November 3rd, 2023.


Product Specifications:

Zip Jacket
Made in Japan
Outer Material: Aurora Light (15 denier Nylon) /
Lining: 10 denier Nylon Taffeta
Down: UDD DX - Spanish Duck Down/ Feather: 90%/10% (Water-repellent Finish)
Fill Power: 770FP

Down Pants
Made in Japan
Outer Material: Flame Resistant Ripstop
Lining: 40 denier Nylon Taffeta
Down: UDD DX - Spanish Duck Down/ Feather: 90%/10% (Water-repellent Finish)
Fill Power: 770FP

Wrap Vest
Made in Japan
Fabric: 10 denier Nylon Taffeta
Down: UDD DX - Spanish Duck Down/ Feather: 90%/10% (Water-repellent Finish)
Fill Power: 770FP

Button Shawl
Made in Japan
Fabric: 10 denier Nylon Taffeta
Down: UDD DX - Spanish Duck Down/ Feather: 90%/10% (Water-repellent Finish)
Fill Power: 770FP

Nanga Brand History

The story of mountaineering is one of constant innovation. The mystery and danger of mountains are an eternal point of fascination for humanity. Since Prehistoric waterproof leather shoes and layers of warm sheepskin, humans have striven to conquer these hostile climes.

Mountaineering was formalized as a sport in the late 1700s when Horace Bénédict de Saussure of Geneva offered a reward to the man who could summit the shimmering peak of Mont Blanc. For the next two hundred years, innovations arrived as explorers chased higher and higher heights. First, Europeans like Oscar Eckenstein and Vitale Brimani created crampons and Vibram rubber lug soles. After World War II, innovation moved to North America, where free-thinking outdoors enthusiasts developed clothing and sleeping bags from synthetic materials. The third wave of interest occurred in Japan during the 1980s, sparking further technological development.

Nanga was founded in 1941 as Yokota Sewing, near Mount Iwaku in Maibara, Japan, and grew to become one of the country's largest manufacturers of futons - traditional Japanese bedding made of thin mattresses and quilts. In 1988, amidst a skyrocketing demand for outdoor goods in Japan, the company leveraged its skill in creating heat-retaining Japanese kotatsu to begin manufacturing sleeping bags, subcontracting for a more prominent manufacturer.

Japan's economic downturn in the early 1990s led to a decrease in demand and offshoring of most Japanese companies' production. Nanga, however, continued to produce all of its products in Japan. They developed a highly waterproof and moisture-permeable proprietary material, Aurora Latex, and sourced their filling from the only down manufacturer in Japan. Nanga emphasizes durability and even repairs damaged sleeping bags via their permanent warranty.

This dedication to quality propelled the company to success, and in 1995 they changed their name to Nanga, after Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest mountain in the world. Nicknamed the "Killer Mountain," its notoriously challenging peaks represent the company's commitment to excellence, regardless of the difficulty.

Since the introduction of its first Aurora down jacket in 2002, Nanga has expanded to produce an array of high-tech outdoor gear built for the toughest of conditions. The company continues to manufacture its products in Japan, valuing quality above all else.