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Engineered Garments x Mafia Bags x Western Hydrodynamic Research - Sailing Parka & Sailing Pant

Engineered Garments collaborates with Mafia Bags and Western Hydrodynamic Research for the launch of a pop-up shop at Nepenthes, New York, introducing a capsule collection. This collection includes the Sailing Parka, Sailing Pant, Custom Tote, and Fanny Pack, blending the sustainable and maritime focus of Mafia Bags and Western Hydrodynamic Research with the innovative design of Engineered Garments.

The collection is now available both in-store and online at

Mafia Bags, founded in Buenos Aires, Argentina, by Marcos Mafia, repurposes used sails to create durable, waterproof, eco-friendly bags for transporting wetsuits. Western Hydrodynamic Research, founded by Pat Towersey, embodies lessons from California's surf culture, such as resilience, awareness, and enjoyment of the water.

Daiki Suzuki, the designer behind Engineered Garments, shares this passion for the ocean, often surfing at Long Beach and Rockaway Beach.

The capsule collection features the Sailing Parka and Sailing Pant, inspired by Californian outdoor brands' unlined parkas and high-performance sailing pants.

The Sailing Parka has a zipper front, raglan sleeves, a hood with a brim, and multiple pockets with snap closures to keep out water. It also features adjustable drawcords at the hem and hood. The Sailing Pant incorporates elements from high-tech sailing gear, such as an elastic waist and hem, a front pocket flap, and Engineered Garments' distinctive front patch pockets and an asymmetrical rear pocket.

Crafted from blue upcycled sailcloth panels, each garment showcases unique zig-zag stitching from the original sails, making every piece one-of-a-kind. The polyester material and ripstop construction provide durability and water resistance, making these garments suitable for harsh conditions.

Also available are the Custom Tote and Fanny Pack, a tote bag and small pack made from upcycled sail material.

This innovative collection celebrates the love of the ocean, merging the principles of Mafia Bags and Western Hydrodynamic Research with Engineered Garments' vision. The Atlantic Parka, in particular, emphasizes functionality and a unique aesthetic, forging a new connection to New York City's surf culture.