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Engineered Garments x Gloverall - Releasing 10.14.22

Engineered Garments and Gloverall present their first-ever collaboration, the EG x Gloverall Side Vent and Retractable Duffle Coat. These items reach far back to the roots of the duffle coats, reviving the garment's history of practical function. 

Named for the fabric's similarity to thick wool produced in the Belgian town of Duffle, the duffle coat reached widespread popularity during the late 19th century, when the British Royal Navy made them a standard part of their soldiers' uniform. Seamen prized the duffle coat for its wind-resistant wool construction, roomy 'bucket' hood, and toggles that let them fasten it closed without removing their gloves. 

Founded in 1951 as a clothing wholesaler, Gloverall spotted an opportunity in the aftermath of World War II to purchase surplus duffle coats from the British military and sell them to civilians. This business proved so successful that Gloverall began manufacturing coats of their own, naming it "Monty" after Field Marshal Sir Bernard "Monty" Montgomery, who famously donned the item during the war. Since then, Gloverall has continued to define the highest standard of quality for duffle coats.

With this project, Engineered Garments' designer Daiki Suzuki discovered an opportunity to bring his distinctly American style to bear on a classic English garment. Using a design approach that accentuates the core of each brand, these items are imbued with an unmistakably EG flair while preserving the essence of the original Monty. 

Engineered Garments details are everywhere, starting with the item’s punched-out proportions. This emphasis on the oversized fit means customers should wear the coat large. In the spirit of its military functionality, added snap buttons keep the garment securely closed, and expanded side pockets provide extra storage space. Subtle details can be seen in the tilted top toggle as well as monochrome toggles and jute string.

In addition, the Side Vent and Retractable Duffle Coat each tout a touch of ingenious construction. The wearer can snap the Side Vent Duffle Coat's side vents open or closed and take advantage of leg and shoulder straps to prevent the vents from flapping in the wind. The Retractable Duffle Coat employs a button snap system that allows the wearer to shorten the hem and wear it in a short or long length for two different looks. Both styles feature 100% wool melton construction - the best material Gloverall has available. As with all their products, Gloverall fabricated these collaboration goods in their  Northamptonshire, England, manufacturing facility. 

With this collaboration, Daiki presents a new take on a classic design. Rather than alter the garment’s heritage, the utilitarian changes elevate the item’s history as a piece of military garb, resulting in a style that will last for years. 


Available in navy and black, the Engineered Garments x Gloverall Side Vent and Retractable Duffle Coat will be available in-store and online at from Friday, October 12th.