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Engineered Garments x Beams Plus - BDU 3/4 Shorts - Releasing 06.25.22


Now available in-store and online. 

Introducing the “BDU 3/4 Shorts”, an exclusively collaboration between ENGINEERED GARMENTS and BEAMS PLUS.

This unique style features a 3/4 length alongside an array of fascinating pockets on the sides, front and back of the pants. Olive Cotton Ripstop, Indigo Industrial 8oz Denim and PC Woodland Camo are available. 

- BDU 3/4 Shorts Beams - Olive Cotton Ripstop

- BDU 3/4 Shorts Beams - Indigo Industrial 8oz Denim

- BDU 3/4 Shorts Beams - PC Woodland Camo