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Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki brings a new approach to a classic silhouette. He infuses a military feel to Baracuta’s design and gives life to the Engineered Garments x Baracuta G9. 


Baracuta is a pillar of English style. After its founding as a wholesale raincoat manufacturer in Manchester, the company decided to make original products. The golf-inspired G9 Jacket debuted in 1937 and was the company’s first significant success. The vented umbrella back yoke, ribbed cuffs, and “dog ear” collar gave golfers a full swing range while keeping them dry. But it wasn’t until the 1950s that Baracuta began exporting the jacket across the Atlantic, where it was worn by James Dean in 1955’s Rebel Without a Cause and Elvis Presley in 1958’s King Creole, reaching international recognition. 


The Baracuta G9 became an icon as it found its way into diverse subcultures. Breaking free of its golfing roots and transformed into a badge of membership, it was donned by the Mods of London and New England’s Ivy League students to punks and movie stars. The G9 continues to represent a timeless symbol of fashion - filled with hidden details that gets better with time.

For this collaboration, Daiki adds an unexpected quality to the G9 - an American military style. Aiming to create a mixture of military bombers and vintage G9, he found inspiration from the United States Army’s iconic MA-1 bomber jacket.

With this vision in mind, he set to work on creating an all-new silhouette, starting with the jacket’s proportions, and punching out the sides to create a baggy fit with plenty of room. This oversized fit distinguishes this model from Baracuta’s typical fare. More evidence of the bomber’s influence arrives with the trademark wind flap and inside pockets. Those who dare can wear the jacket inside out, showing off the satin hourglass lining. However, not everything is changed -  the G9’s hallmark “dog ear” collar and pocket design remain, culminating in an idea that has an unmistakably Baracuta spirit, reimagined from an Engineered Garments point of view. 

The Engineered Garments x Baracuta G9 adds a new dimension to a powerful legacy, mixing British and American sensibilities. With an emphasis on creative freedom, this product can be styled in infinite ways, tapping into the deep history of the G9 while forging a new path. 

This special product is available in three colorways: Black, Navy, and Beech.