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Engineered Garments Sweat Suits are in stock at Nepenthes New York.

The hoody and sweatpant are cornerstones of American style, beloved for their style, comfort, and versatility. For years connoisseurs have debated over what constitutes an ideal setup. With these goods, Engineered Garments' designer Daiki Suzuki tosses his hat into the ring, bringing his version to life.

The quality of a sweat suit starts from the fabric. The Engineered Garments Raglan Hoody and Jog Pant source their fleece from American mills. The Black and Navy Jerseys are 100% cotton, and the Heather Grey Jersey blends 90% cotton and 10% polyester for a touch of stretch. All the fabrics are reverse weave, a construction technique that helps prevent vertical shrinkage.

The Raglan Hoody is a traditional silhouette with some distinctive twists. In addition to the ribbing at the hem, the classic side panels feature new architecture with raglan shoulders connecting to the garment's side. The hood replaces drawstrings with two convenient snaps.

The Jog Pants mix relaxed details like the string waist and zip pockets with elements of classic trousers like a button waist and a center seam on both legs. The hem's opening width is adjustable by a snap button.

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