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Engineered Garments SS24 Shoulder Vest

Engineered Garments SS24 Shoulder Vest - available in-store and online at

Engineered Garments is a brand that defies simple categorization. While it pays homage to traditional American attire, focusing on military and workwear pieces, its creations are far from mere replicas of vintage clothing. Instead, designer Daiki Suzuki imbues a certain mystique, achieved through subtle updates that create a balance of contrasts—big versus small, loud versus quiet, dark versus light. The Shoulder Vest exemplifies this approach, capturing the essence of the brand's philosophy.

The Shoulder Vest, despite its name, resembles half a vest more than a full one. Designed to be worn over the left shoulder, with a belt that wraps under the right arm and buckles across the waist, it has a military-inspired look reminiscent of tactical gear. Its three strategically placed pockets—a buttoned front pocket, a zippered side pocket, and an inner pocket—allow for expandability and a sleek profile when not in use. This versatility makes the Shoulder Vest a perfect addition to any ensemble, whether layered over or under other garments, and suitable for formal and casual settings.

Daiki Suzuki refers to such unique pieces as "tobi dogu" (飛び道具), a Japanese term meaning "projectile" but used here to denote an unexpected, standout item that can transform an entire outfit. This concept emphasizes the wearer's creativity and individuality rather than the item itself to make a piece stylish. This philosophy is central to the identity of Engineered Garments.

With the Shoulder Vest, personal style is limited only by one's imagination. Visit Nepenthes New York store and discover a unique way to wear it.