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Engineered Garments x Superga - 3420 Mil Low

Engineered Garments comes together with Turin based shoe company Superga to release the Engineered Garments x Superga 3420 Mil Low. This army-inspired shoe hearkens back to the company’s role as a supplier to the Italian Army, while retaining the brand's commitment to elegant style.

Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki discovered the Superga brand during his 20’s, drawn to its sophisticated, European flair. Known for their canvas tennis shoes, they set themselves apart from other manufacturers through an emphasis on Italian design and refined taste.

Daiki came across the brand again In the mid 1990’s, when a vintage shoe dealer showed him a pair of Italian Army shoes, produced under a military contract from the Italian government. Plainly constructed with canvas uppers and vulcanized soles, he admired the shoe’s functional design and effortless cool, and was surprised to find out that they were manufactured by Superga. He was so taken with this military model that he bought a pair for himself, eventually using them for his 2016 lookbook and stocking them at Nepenthes New York following a positive reaction from buyers.

Nearly 20 years later, Daiki and Superga meet once again, uniting to build the Engineered Garments x Superga 3420 Mil Low. The concept for this shoe combines the elegance of Superga’s tennis shoes with the raw, utilitarian feel of their military goods. Fusing these two attitudes, Daiki has created a rugged shoe that never goes out of style.

Engineered Garments x Superga 3420 Mil Low is a military-style silhouette, cut as a low top style like the original army shoe. In signature EG fashion, the canvas material is switched out for a combination of luxurious long and short hair suede and smooth leather, applied asymmetrically - only recognizable up close. The eyelets are installed in the same color as the shoe for a sleek, low-profile look, and the sole is designed in a vulcanized style of overlapping rubber layers. A final touch comes with the subtle Engineered Garments branding on the side panel. Nearly imperceptible, this embossed logo gives the pair a polished appearance without standing out.

Available in Navy, Black, Olive, and White - this collaboration both exudes Engineered Garments’ design philosophy, while continuing Superga’s legacy of creative innovation. A timeless shoe, the Engineered Garments x Superga 3420 Mil Low will release in a wide range of sizes from ladies to men.