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Welcome back to "DEEP DIVE" where we take a look into the inspiration behind some of our favorite Engineered Garments pieces. In this installation, we are featuring the "Shawl Collar Cover Jacket", a staple piece from Engineered Garments that has been reimagined time and time again.

First introduced in 2005, the Shawl Collar Cover Jacket is an essential piece in the Engineered Garments reserve. Although there were some years it was not manufactured, it always manages to make its way back into the collection. And although often adjusted, its core identity remains the same. 

The farthest reaching roots of the Shawl Collar Cover can be traced back to early chore coats of the late 19th century, favored by farmers and laborers. Defined by their heavy stitching and sturdy fabrics such as denim and twill, these coats were able to stand up to the demands of physical work. 

As widespread industrialization culminated in the 1920’s, these heavy duty garments began to be mass produced. Simultaneously, militaries began to produce their own versions of the items. In fact, the Shawl Collar Cover Jacket’s closest relative is the US Navy Workwear Jacket, produced in the 1940’s and manufactured using heavyweight denim. Much like the Engineered Garments version, this jacket had detachable buttons, allowing for easy replacement by users who may have not been skilled enough to sew. 

But of course, the Shawl Collar Jacket is not merely a reproduction. Look closely, and you can see that this jacket is packed with signature Engineered Garments embellishments. For starters, there is the tab attached to the collar, allowing the collar to be fastened while upturned, shielding the wearer from wind and cold. Additionally, there is the breast and back pocket, included for a mix of functionality and form. Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki chose a variety of casual and dressy fabrics for this season’s rendition, ensuring a long-lasting and well-worn piece, no matter which style you pick. 

The Shawl Collar Cover Jacket  available the following colorways:

  • Brown Cotton 8W Corduroy
  • Charcoal Polyester Fake Melton
  • Indigo 10oz Broken Denim
  • Khaki Cotton Double CLoth
  • Olive Cotton Double Cloth

Available in-store and online at