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Introducing our new series, "DEEP DIVE" where we take a look into the inspiration behind some of our favorite Engineered Garments pieces. In this week's installation, we are featuring the "MT Jacket", an all-new design for the Sring/Summer 2021 collection.

Designing outerwear for the Spring/Summer season is a difficult task. Items need to retain their traditional silhouette, while being lightweight and breathable enough to keep cool during the warmer months.

When creating these Spring/Summer pieces, Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki often looks towards military “over'' garments - items designed to be worn over the regular fatigues or uniform of a soldier and which lack the lining found on traditional clothing.

The inspiration for the MT Jacket comes from a vintage German military overparka, designed for mountainous operations. MT stands for ‘mountain trooper’, a nod to the original purpose of the jacket. Intrigued by the asymmetrical closure, large front pocket, and utilitarian form, Daiki decided to create his own version.


The MT Jacket includes a second front pocket, imbuing the jacket with a distinctly Engineered Garments look. Additionally, the pockets were turned into bellows pockets, which not only supply the jacket with additional storage space, but also twist and wear in with each wash, giving each wearer’s jacket a unique look.

One of the most practical features of the jacket is the drawstring-adjustable detachable hood which hides the band collar underneath, and allows for optimal use throughout weather conditions. The front of the jacket is closed with full button and loop closure setup, while the side sports two welt pockets with flap.

Suited to both urban and rural environments, the MT Jacket is the perfect fit for customers looking for all-purpose outerwear through the spring and summer.

The MT Jacket is available the following colorways:
White Memory Polyester
Black Memory Polyester
Olive Cotton Ripstop
Dark Navy PC Poplin

The MT Jacket is available for purchase in-store and online.