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Engineered Garments LL Jacket


Welcome back to "DEEP DIVE," where we explore the inspiration behind some of our favorite Engineered Garments pieces. In this edition, we focus on the LL Jacket, a piece that pays homage to the classic American jackets made by Lakeland Manufacturing.

The name "LL Jacket" derives from Lakeland Manufacturing, of Sheboygan, Wisconsin, founded by Herman J. Holman. Holman immigrated from Eastern Europe in 1890 and went on to establish several successful businesses, including the Holman Overall Company, the Reliable Shirt and Overall Company, and ultimately, Lakeland Manufacturing.

Starting in 1894, the initial operation of Lakeland Manufacturing involved Herman manufacturing men’s overalls, which were sewn by his wife Sophia on her home sewing machine. Over the years, the business expanded its product line to include trousers, shirts, and sportswear for men and boys. Renamed Lakeland Manufacturing in 1926, by the 1940s, the company had grown to employ 250 people and shipped products nationwide.


The company’s products included shearling coats, bombers, and work jackets. The Clicker Jacket, one of Lakeland's most renowned products, was inspired by the coats popular among Southern California car clubs. The company also achieved fame for its parade coats worn by the U.S. Winter Olympics teams in 1964 in Innsbruck, Austria, and in 1968 in Grenoble, France. Additionally, Lakeland supplied travel jackets for the 1964 Tokyo and 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

Despite its success, Lakeland Manufacturing closed in 1989 due to economic downturns and foreign competition. The company was sold to a New York firm in 1990.

Today, the Engineered Garments LL Jacket draws inspiration from vintage Lakeland Mfg. bomber jackets. Designer Daiki Suzuki retains key elements from the original garments, such as the knit cuffs, hem, and roll collar, along with the neck tab. Modern updates include the elimination of a rear pleat, the addition of a signature EG snap near the hem closure, and adjusted proportions for a wider fit.

This jacket not only reflects a rich heritage but also adapts historical details for contemporary fashion. In essence, the LL Jacket is a tribute to the resilience and ingenuity of Lakeland Manufacturing. It celebrates a legacy of craftsmanship and style, bridging the past and present in Engineered Garments' innovative designs.


The LL Jacket is available in the following fabrics:
Black / Grey Linen Stripe
Navy Square Patchwork Madras