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Welcome back to "DEEP DIVE" where we take a look into the inspiration behind some of our favorite Engineered Garments pieces. In this installation, we are featuring the "Drizzler Coat", a full length trench coat packed with details. 

Engineered Garments designer Daiki Suzuki gained a deep admiration for trench coats during his high school years, seeing them worn by the refined men featured in movies and magazines. Wanting his own, and being a near-penniless high school student, he settled for the cheapest version he could get his hands on - the U.S. Army issue nylon trench coats sold in military surplus stores.


Daiki wore the trench coat - without carrying an umbrella - almost every rainy day. Not being particularly waterproof, the coat often ended up sopping wet - which Daiki realized is part of the essential identity of fashion. Not necessarily being comfortable, but definitely looking good. 

At its core, the Engineered Garments Drizzler Coat is a U.S. Army trench coat, tailor made to Daiki’s specifications. Some of the alterations come from Daiki’s personal taste, for example changing to single-breast construction and removing the epaulets. Others are added simply because they make sense, like the double belt loop in the back: one to hold the belt up, and the other to keep the belt from moving too much.

But there are details to be found across the garment. Each Drizzler Coat has a packable hood, tucked into the coat’s collar. This provides the added benefit of extra protection for serious rain, while giving the collar additional structure when not in use. There is also the chin close, a detail borrowed from the M-43 Field Parka. Having too many to go over here, we encourage you to take a look and discover some details on your own. 

Fully buttoned with the collar up and fastened, or just open and belted, there are many ways to style this jacket and make it your own. With its length and sturdy build, the Drizzler Coat is ideally suited for a rainy day - even if you do choose to bring an umbrella. 


The Drizzler Coat is  available the following colorways:

  • Black Cotton Double Cloth
  • Black Flight Satin Nylon
  • Black Nylon Micro Ripstop
  • Khaki Cotton Double Cloth
  • Navy Cotton Double Cloth
  • Navy Nylon Micro Ripstop
  • Olive Cotton Double Cloth
  • Olive Cotton Ripstop
  • Olive Nylon Micro Ripstop
  • White Memory Polyester

Available in-store and online at