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Welcome back to "DEEP DIVE" where we take a look into the inspiration behind some of our favorite Engineered Garments pieces. In this installation, we are featuring the "Cruiser Jacket", a garment inspired by the outwear donned by the lumber cutters of the Northwest United States. 

The theme for Engineered Garments Fall/Winter 2021 collection is “Life in the Woods”, and there may be no other item that encapsulates this concept as well as the Cruiser Jacket. Longtime fans of the brand may be familiar with the Cruiser Jacket from past collections. After a brief hiatus, this item returns with a new design. 

The origin of the Cruiser Jacket lies with the logger jackets made especially for the lumberjacks of the wet climate of the Pacific Northwest. These jackets were often manufactured from tin cloth, a wax-treated textile that is resistant to rain and scratches - making it a perfect fit for woodsmen. First appearing in the 1910’s and 1920’s, versions of this garment were manufactured by a crop of companies including Black Bear, Pendleton and Woolrich. 

The closest relative of the Engineered Garments Cruiser Jacket is the trademark Filson Cruiser, with major influence seen on the pocketing placed around the jacket.  Like the Filson version, the EG cruiser jacket features a four-pocket front, with excellent detailing seen on the miniature pocket on the front left and a pen pocket on the left breast pocket. The curved collar and collar tab are taken from a Woolrich Woolen Mills Mackinaw Cruiser, adding variety to the jacket’s source material. 

Of course, there are signature Engineered Garments elements to be enjoyed as well. Namely, the Cruiser Jacket’s button system, which features both snap and button closures, catering to both those who prefer a quick release and a snug fit  - a classic EG touch. Additionally there is significant stitching across the front - providing extra durability and extra Engineered Garments style.  Look closely and you can also find that the back pocket is fitted with a sporty zip close, and see that the jacket also features extensive pockets on the inside. 

This classic-inspired jacket is available in a variety of fabrics, including the eye-catching Brown and Charcoal Tri Blend Tweed. 

The Cruiser Jacket is available the following fabrics:

  • Brown Tri Blend Tweed
  • Charcoal Tri Blend Tweed
  • Navy Cotton Double Cloth
  • Olive Cotton Double Cloth
  • Black Cotton Double Cloth
  • Khaki Cotton Double Cloth

Available in-store and online at