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Baracuta Four Climes - Releasing 04.07.21

Daiki Suzuki presents Baracuta Four Climes, a new collection that fuses Baracuta’s British roots with American influences through Japanese design sensibility. The result is a collection that contains a mixture of all three cultures: the UK, the USA, and Japan.

Baracuta began in Manchester, England, in 1937. Propelled by the success of their signature G9 Jacket, the British brand opened an office in New York City’s Empire State Building, briefly marketing the brand under the Four Climes moniker. Tapping into his encyclopedic knowledge of clothing, Daiki revives this name to emphasize the nuanced marriage of American and British convention, presenting the Brighton Pants, Derby Jacket, and Parka.

Named after the location of the infamous 1964 battle of mods and rockers at Brighton Beach, the Brighton Trousers have a pleat over each leg, branded Baracuta buttons, and a rolled-up hem for a touch of character. The distinctive L pockets are a uniquely cross-cultural detail - inspired by American Frisko Jeens and the blue trousers worn by Sean Connery’s James Bond in Dr. No. 

The Derby Jacket taps into the essence of Baracuta, exuding the spirit of the brand’s iconic G9 Jacket. Though it lacks details like the umbrella yoke and Fraser tartan lining, the flap pockets, ribbed hem and cuffs, and modified collar tab express the soul of the original Harrington. Details from the classic San Francisco Derby jackets appear elsewhere, including the throat and hem button placement and unique shoulder construction. 

The FC Parka deftly weaves British and American culture together, deconstructing a garment ubiquitous within British mod culture - the US Army M-51 Fishtail Parka. The Parka’s oversized fit allows for wear over almost any outfit. Classic Baracuta details reinvent the mod look, introducing raglan sleeves, umbrella yoke, flap breast pocket, and belt. Daiki also added some of his touches, like the button-close side vents, reinforcement stitching, and a hood visor. 

The collection features four fabrics, denim, Solaro, maxi tartan, and Baracuta cloth. The blending of cultures extends into Four Climes’ use of denim, marking the first time Baracuta uses this distinctly American fabric. Solaro, developed in 1907, is a hallmark of British suiting. The fabric’s iridescent effect comes from the construction of the yarn, made with natural and artificial fibers that refract light. The cotton maxi tartan plaid contains four colors - one for each clime. Finally, Baracuta Cloth - the company’s proprietary, durable, and high-count poplin, treated with a water-resistant coating - appears.

The collection was shot in Japan by Sabukaru, starring the three members of the Tokyo-based Gliiico - Canadian-born brothers Nico, Kai, and Kio de Torres. Since releasing their debut single, “Around,” they have performed at some of the hottest events in Japan.