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Needles x Matsuda
Releasing new colors for Matsuda's "James" sunglasses.
This collaboration model with global eyewear brand Matsuda is available in four colors.

The "James" is a collaboration pair of sunglasses between Needles and luxury eyewear brand Matsuda, first released in spring 2020 to widespread attention.

This pair of sunglasses is packed with a range of embellishments. Completed after a production period of nearly one year, the "James" features a "jump-up" specification, a staple of Needles eyewear collection. The iconic papillon motif is engraved on the left and right front parts, a vine arabesque decoration is engraved on the temple portion, and the section part is crafted from a combination of silver and gold, creating a classical feel.

This time, in addition to the classic Black, new colors Brown, Olive, and Purple are released for the first time. Each combination comes with different color lenses.

Please take this opportunity to see the gems that are hand-finished by skilled craftsmen using high-quality titanium and acetate.

Matsuda brand profile:
The late designer Mitsuhiro Matsuda, known for his work in the Paris collection and as founder of Tokyo Fashion Week, launched Matudsa in 1989 as an original eyewear brand for overseas markets. The brand produces their eyeglasses in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture, and have won worldwide acclaim for its delicately engraved frames and unrivaled solid design, said to be on the level of high art. Utilizing the concept of buildings and steampunk as some of their inspiration, Matsuda eyewear is unparalleled in the current eyewear market for its presence and high quality.