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Needles x Hidden
The first release will be Saturday, April 16th. Online at 11:00 am, in-store 12:00 pm
A collaboration with a mysterious and charismatic NY brand.


Needles will release a new collaboration item. This time, a capsule collection is announced with the world-famous charismatic brand Hidden, which originates from SNS.

The Instagram account (@ hidden.ny), which aggregates all genres such as street fashion, art, and subculture, has gained enthusiastic support from celebrities and influencers all over the world.

A total of 6 types of items are developed. A Track Jacket & Pant embroidered with the motifs of both brands, a Crew Neck Tee using sporty performance materials, classic socks which are one of Hidden’s most popular items, and a collaboration with Rebuild by Needles. The lineup includes 5 Cuts Hoody and 7 Cuts Tee, which are disassembled and reconstructed from the original wear of Hidden. These special items combine the identities of both brands.

A second release of items is planned for this fall.

The May issue of the magazine "POPEYE" currently on sale features a special article on Hidden. Please check it out.