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norda 001 - Releasing 09.22.23

Sep 22, 2023

In 1963, a chemist named Albert Pennings made a groundbreaking discovery known as Dyneema. This extraordinary fabric, as light as a feather, boasted a strength comparable to steel and an unparalleled abrasion resistance, surpassing that of Kevlar. Dyneema quickly found its way into various applications, from NYPD bullet-proof vests to sailboat rigging lines and rugged outdoor backpacks.

Just before the onset of the pandemic, footwear professionals Willamina and Nick Martire, along with their shared passion for endurance running, embarked on a quest to create a sustainable running shoe capable of withstanding harsh trail conditions. Faced with a shortage of options on the market, they naturally decided to take matters into their own hands and created norda.

The upper and laces of the norda shoe are constructed from Dyneema. This virtually indestructible woven fabric possesses double the strength of Kevlar while being a mere one-fifth of the weight. For cushioning that blends ample softness with remarkable responsiveness, the midsole is crafted from Vibram SLE foam. The outsoles employ Vibram's Litebease and Megagrip technologies to reduce weight and enhance traction.

This represents a significant leap forward for trail enthusiasts. The 001 model is designed with the world's first seamless Bio-Dyneema® upper and an exclusive Vibram® midsole and soleplate, employing the lightest and most robust materials to deliver effortless comfort during mindful pursuits. It is a testament to the idea that genuine sustainability is rooted in durability.

Customers should consider sizing up by half when choosing their shoe size. The shoe's upper is woven with bio-based Dyneema®, offering top-notch performance, exceptional abrasion resistance, and an environmentally friendly footprint. The laces feature a diamond design pattern crafted from bio-based Dyneema® and recycled polyester, while high-visibility reflective elements span from front to rear for 360° visibility. The norda™ Lock System ensures an ultra-light and comfortable sock with gusset construction for the ultimate fit, providing stability during runs through ever-changing conditions. The insole is custom-designed with eTPU to maximize energy absorption and return, while midsole cushioning is a collaborative effort between norda™ and Vibram® SLE. The soleplate, another norda™ and Vibram® exclusive design incorporates the Formation sole with Litebase® and Megagrip® Rubber, featuring 5mm lugs for enhanced grip.

The norda 001 is available in-store and online at

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