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Nepenthes Exclusive Items by Needles and Rebuild by Needles - Releasing 12.13.22

Nepenthes-exclusive items from Needles and Rebuild by Needles - coming soon.

Needles releases the "Single Riders Jacket" and "String Vest," constructed from chemically washed 14-wale corduroy material with gunmetal star-shaped studs. The finish has a unique gradation color and shines in this rugged design. The "Single Riders Jacket" has a blanket lining that enhances heat retention.

From Rebuild by Needles, the “5 Cuts Crew Sweat Shirt” and “3 Cuts String Sweat Pant” were made by randomly combining four different types of reconstructed sweat, each with different finishes. This one-of-a-kind product highlights the fabric’s hand-crafted texture.