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FW22 Gift Ideas - Pt. 2


Nepenthes New York puts together some gift ideas for the holiday season.


Rebuild by Needles Ribbon Cut Flannel - Made from repurposed flannel shirts, these highly popular items are all one-of-a-kind. *Available by phone order and in-store purchase only.  


Needles Beret - Glen Plaid - Wool Tweed - This authentic beret uses a combination of tweed and leather piping, making the most of its interesting texture.

Railroad Socks Crew Socks - Since 1901, the Railroad Sock has provided comfort and warmth to Americans across the country. The Crew Sock is created from a super-comfortable cotton/polyester blend. 


Prime Timber Pencil 2MM - Dk. Navy - A mechanical pencil with a wooden body and a thick 2mm lead by Penco. Comes with a sharpener and one B lead. The wooden hexagonal body equipped with brass fittings provides you a balanced heft, where the periphery is heavier than its core. Features Nepenthes New York Branding. 

Coil Notebook - A collaboration notebook between Penco and Nepenthes New York, Penco based this item on traditional American university notebooks. Penco also updated the size and improved the paper quality. They are made in Japan by several family-run factories operating jointly in downtown Tokyo. Penco built the twin-ring spiral binding with enough space to hold a pen. Features Nepenthes New York Branding.