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Engineered Garments and Paraboot - Clusaz

Oct 11, 2023

Following the successful launch of the EG Michael in 2022, Engineered Garments and Paraboot join forces again for the EG Clusaz. Once again centered around Engineered Garments' designer Daiki Suzuki's passion for alpine footwear, this enhanced low-cut hiking boot features suede uppers, an array of D-rings, and a durable Sport sole. Available in Black and Green, the EG Clusaz will released on Friday, October 13th.

Growing up in Aomori, Japan, Daiki's love of mountain climbing and growing enthusiasm led to his passion for classic mountain boots, especially those crafted by Paraboot's sister brand, Galibier, with D-ring eyelets, a triple-layer tongue, and long nap suede. This enduring affection for outdoor gear, especially boots, remains a significant influence, evidenced by the Engineered Garments FW23 collection's "Heavy Duty Ivy" theme.

Daiki selects a recent addition to Paraboot's lineup for the second collaboration - the Clusaz. This model, which debuted in 2020, is the low-cut variant of the Avioraz, a hiking boot produced by Galibier in the 1930s. Like its high-top counterpart, the Clusaz boasts a plain toe, a triple-layer tongue, and a D-ring and ski hook closure system. While retaining these alpine-inspired elements, the EG Clusaz adds an extra touch of sophistication.

Like the EG Michael, Daiki adjusts the lacing system, incorporating six extra D-rings into each shoe - gunmetal rings for the Green pair and black rings for the monochrome Black pair. Equipped with stretchy nylon laces, customers may create their unique lacing patterns, while the toggle enables a slip-on feel. Changes extend beyond the shoes' uppers, as Daiki replaces standard Lisse écorce soles with a stylish Sport sole featuring angled treads and opted for the zigzag hand stitching of the rugged Norwegian welt, departing from the traditional Goodyear welt.

The EG Clusaz is available in two shades of suede - understated Black and unusual Green, complemented by brown laces.

Paraboot manufactures the EG Clusaz at their family-owned facility in Saint-Jean-de-Moirans, nestled at the base of the French Alps. Each pair is handcrafted and adorned with its signature green tag, symbolizing Paraboot's commitment to quality.

These meticulous details seamlessly blend the durability of climbing shoes with the refinement of Paraboot's French heritage.

The EG Clusaz will be released in Black and Green on October 13th, 2023, in-store and online at