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The Loiter Jacket, Carlyle Pant, and IVY BD Shirt.


Introducing the Engineered Garments Spring Summer Nepenthes Special. Each season, Engineered Garments produces a handful of items just for Nepenthes.For Spring Summer 2024 designer Daiki Suzuki produces three items that encapsulate the collection's "Ivy Style" theme: the Loiter Jacket, Carlyle Pant, and IVY BD Shirt.

Loiter Jacket

The Loiter Jacket is a modern take on the classic leisure jackets of the 1960s and 70s, designed for casual comfort. With a boxier, wider shape, it offers a relaxed fit and easy movement, while the button tabs at the back allow for a more tailored look if desired. The jacket features flap-covered front pockets for practicality and a unique double-sided tab closure on the collar, inspired by the innovative tailoring of the French atelier Arnys.

The Loiter Jacket is a stylish and functional choice for everyday wear, embodying the spirit of laid-back elegance.


Carlyle Pant

The Carlyle Pant is a classic pair of trousers designed with a peg-top shape that allows plenty of room in the seat, offset by a taper that emerges toward the hem. The one-pleat design on the front of the pants supplies a simple touch of tailoring, while the inner drawstring places a firm emphasis on comfort.

With enough formality to pair with a jacket and a simple look for everyday use, the Carlyle Pant embodies versatility.


Ivy BD Shirt

The Ivy BD Shirt is a reimagining of the classic popover shirt. Combining elements of traditional Ivy button-downs, Daiki updates the shirt with a 6-button placket extending nearly to the hem, wide proportions, and conventional American dress details like a pleated sleeve, split yoke, button-down collar, button-flap breast pocket, and a locker loop for hanging.

This shirt blends formality with experimentation, continuing the popover shirt's legacy from historical gentlemen to contemporary fashion enthusiasts.


These exclusive items are available in two 100% cotton fabrics: Navy Big BD Broadcloth and Navy Cotton Paisley print. Both fabrics feature striking patterns while remaining true to the Ivy theme of the collection.

Take your chance to grab these exclusive products. Available in-store and online at