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Nov 9, 2023

Introducing the Engineered Garments Fall Winter 2023 Nepenthes Special.
Each season, Engineered Garments produces a handful of items just for Nepenthes.The Dayton Shirt, Field Shirt Jacket, Sailor Pant, L/S Crew Neck Tee, and Button Shawl are available this time.


Dayton Shirt

The Dayton Shirt, which debuted during the Engineered Garments Spring Summer 2012 collection, is one of the brand’s silhouettes. The item borrows its distinctive stand collar and offset front button closure from a vintage US Army military undershirt.

Designer Daiki Suzuki provided this quintessential shirt jacket with boxy proportions to give it numerous layering capabilities, easily worn beneath a coat or as a button-down shirt. Besides the slightly longer back hem and four front pockets, details are minimal for a simple look. It appears here in the Navy / Red Polyester Heavy Plaid fabric, which has a thick wool-like texture but a lighter finish, thanks to its polyester fibers.


Field Shirt Jacket

The Field Shirt Jacket combines two Engineered Garments specialties - military uniforms and outdoor gear. This item’s core layout comes from the US Navy’s Chief Petty Officer jacket - a thick wool jacket designed in the 1930s for Navy officers. Rugged outdoor clothing inspired Daiki to include the asymmetrical pocket layout and front loops, which the wearer can use to hold a fishing rod or mattock.
Marrying two of Engineered Garments’ chief inspirations, it appears here in Navy / Red Polyester Heavy Plaid.


Button Shawl

The Engineered Garments Button Shawl is a blank canvas. This playful may be worn like a cardigan or wrapped around the neck or waist - its only limit is the wearer’s imagination. The fabric has a thick wool-like texture, but its polyester construction makes the fabric lighter than it looks.

This cozy yet lightweight Navy / Red Polyester Heavy Plaid is exclusive to Nepenthes New York.


Sailor Pant

The Engineered Garments Sailor Pant offers a simplified version of the iconic US Navy “crackerjack” trousers - nicknamed after the snack food. The pants feature a striking “broad fall,” a design that preceded the modern fly. This construction uses buttons to open up the flap on the front, though the 13 buttons on the US Navy version are reduced to 4 here. Daiki also swaps the flared hem for a straight-leg design.

Available in military-inspired Herringbone Twill, including Black, Dark Navy, Khaki, and Olive.

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