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EG Workaday FW23

EG Workaday exists beyond season, trend, or theme. Specializing in authentic construction, Workaday makes its products according to orthodox construction methods. The Fall Winter 2023 selection of EG Workaday is now available at Nepenthes New York, in-store and online at


The MC Shirt Jacket and Fatigue Pant are based directly on US Army and Marine military wear. Unlike its Engineered Garments mainline counterpart, the EG Workaday Fatigue Pant features a proper straight-leg construction. Additional authentic details include front patch pockets, button fly, and waist tabs with Merrow stitching.

The MC Shirt Jacket is a faithful rendition of the United States Marine Corps Utility Shirt. Produced after the Korean War, both the 1953 (P53) and 1956 (P56) versions featured two patch breast pockets, V-cut flaps, and an inner map pocket, all of which appear on this version.

The EG Workaday MC Shirt Jacket and Fatigue Shirt are made from heavy-duty 9oz cotton ripstop. The deadstock fabric no longer produced was milled in the United States, making these exceptionally rare.


The Combo Sweat Pants, Raglan Hoody, and Raglan Crewneck utilize reverse weave fabric—a horizontally knitting yarn across the garment, distinct from the vertical weave common in most sweatshirts and sweatpants. This method significantly diminishes vertical shrinking, ensuring prolonged durability and shape retention.

The Combo items draw inspiration from vintage Champion color block designs; these piece-dyed sweats combine 100% cotton heavy fleece panels in heather grey, navy, black, and beige for a daring style. The Hoody and Crewneck combo pieces feature raglan sleeves, with the crew showcasing a unique cross-crew neckline.

EG Workaday has produced the Cross Crew Neck Tee for over ten years, becoming one of the brand’s staples. Like its short-sleeved counterpart, the L/S Crew Neck Tee represents the classic American T-shirt with a twist. The shirt’s jersey fabric is milled, cut, sewn at the same factory, and constructed according to custom-specific patterns. Just like classic made-in-USA T-shirts, the fabric is raw, with a slightly rough hand. Double-needle stitching features on the hem and side, with single-needle stitching on the cuff and blind stitching around the neck, make for a more relaxed neckline.